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Jury Nullification

This Saturday, August 31st and next Thursday, September 5th (Jury Rights Day-proper) there will be two separate events in Albany, NY for the purpose of promoting the right of jury nullification. For the uninitiated this is the right of trial jurors to render their verdicts based not only upon technical guilt or innocence, but their collective assessment of the morality of the law itself This Saturday’s event (8/31) will occur at Delaware Square Park from 2-5 PM and include a community BBQ and information tables. This small park is located where Lark St. meets Madison Ave. and turns into Delaware Ave. Next Thursday’s event (9/5) will take place at the Albany County Courthouse at 16 Eagle St. from 1-3 PM and consist of literature distribution.

The last time pro-nullification rights literature was distributed in Albany at any courthouse was when Julian Heicklen in late October, 2010 To view a video of the former event go to: ).

Robert Porter

The Capital District Libertarian Party is proud and honored to announce its endorsement of Robert Porter for Albany Common Council, 9th Ward. Robert is a United State Marine, retired. He served to defend our great nation from abroad, honorably for over 20 years. Now, Robert wishes to continue his record of service here at home, in his community, as a City Councilman. Robert also serves as the President of ABATE, a national motorcycle rights group and is an active member in his community.

Robert Porter has secured the Libertarian, Republican and Conservative ballot lines.