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Tired of Politics As Usual?

Why the Libertarian Party is not, and can not be, Politics As Usual.

The Libertarian Party values the founding principles which have been discarded by the other political parties. The most important of these is that government is to be limited. If laws steal choices for some people and confer privileges and rights on others then it is no longer limited. As Lord Acton warned, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts abslutely.” Exploitation is a form of corruption. Corruption is common in government.

Examples of the Tragedy of the Commons are ubiquitous. So the prevailing myths about lofty concepts like The Public Interst and Accountability to the People can easily be refuted. Schools are good examples of the prevailing myth. Schools are ubiquitous. More than any other government agency, schools are accessible, used and relied on by “the people.” Schools are closer to people, and people are closer to schools than to any other government agency.

Schools make a lie of the popular and prevailing notion about government and democracy — accountability to “the people.”

If local schools are an example of “government of, by and for the people,” then we must accept the notion that people actually want schools that fail to perform honestly and competently.

On the other hand, if “we the people” must pay for a money-pit we obviously don’t want, does that not make us accountable to government?

The Libertarian Party is all about maximizing choices. That is opposite of removing choices.
Libertarians favor choices for everything – school choices as well as abortion choices.
Libertarians will let you pursue happiness as you see fit, not as someone else sees fit for you.
Libertarian legislators will not fill the treasury to buy votes with other people’s money.
Libertarians will not limit, prohibit, or mandate what you do with your money or what you do in your bedroom. Those should be your business and not decided by someone else.
Libertarian government treasuries will be limited so exploitaion and corruption will be limited. That means tragedies will be limed as well.
Libertarian politicians will let people decide for themselves instead of being forced to obey people who have political power and influence.

Werner Hertzog

“Extortion” by Peter Schweizer

Writer Peter Schweizer states that “conventional wisdom hold that Washington is broken because outside special interests bribe politicians.” Certainly that is the message from discussions about the influence of money in politics, public policy, and government spending both in the press and over the airwaves. However, Mr. Schweizer makes the case that it is the politicians and those he calls the PPC (Permanent Political Class) have become adept at extorting “wealthy individuals and donors into forking over big donations.
Often wonder why legislation takes so long to go through the process starting with its introduction to its final passage or defeat. Schweizer shows how each step of the way, each committee hearing, provides an opportunity to tap the industries and persons that will be effected by whatever action is taken.
The book has plenty of details, with amounts, names, and political connections of Republicans and Democrats alike that have been successful at gaining power and riches for themselves and family; much more than is necessary to make the point, but it a good read that concludes with several recommendations that would place restrictions not on the contributors, but upon the actions of candidates and public officials in soliciting funds,
“Extortion” by Peter Schweizer copyright 2013 is published by Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt Publishing Company

Libertarian Richard Cooper challenges Andrew Cuomo and Republican Unknowns for Governor of New York

Richard Cooper
Westbury, NY: 2/19/14:

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Former State Libertarian Party Chair Richard Cooper declared his candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for governor with the message “Free New Yorkers from the Empire State.” Cooper says New Yorkers deserve a choice of someone who will “Stop wasting money and meddling in their personal lives. Economic freedom and personal freedom go together.”

If he wins 50,000 votes in November, the Libertarians obtain official ballot status for the next four years.

Cooper proposes cutting spending, taxes and borrowing. He advocates abolition of agencies such as the Empire State Development Corporation, which he calls an engine of corporate welfare and eminent domain abuse, which are “evils” Cooper pledges to eliminate. Cooper was a plaintiff in the unsuccessful “Stop The Pork” lawsuit.

Cooper calls for term limits for state and municipal elected officials.

“Common Core should be cancelled,” Cooper says. “The Board of Regents is picked by the legislature voting jointly, which means that they are selected by Speaker Silver. Only a relative few people get to vote on Silver. I advocate gubernatorial appointment of the Board of Regents. The governor is accountable statewide.”

Cooper advocates legalization of marijuana. He rejects Federal interference. “Alcohol prohibition was enacted and repealed by constitutional amendment. Federal marijuana prohibition evaded the constitution.”

Not only does he demand repeal of Cuomo’s NY Safe Act, but he advocates repeal of the Sullivan Law which imposed the discretionary handgun permit system. Failing repeal of the Sullivan Law, Cooper demands a “shall issue” system so that anyone not barred from having a gun may get one.

Cooper is a Westbury resident and is logistics vice president of a Long Island manufacturing firm. He graduated Columbia College with a degree in history and also studied public finance. -30-

Nathan Lebron Seek Libertarian Endorsement for Governor of New York

nathan lebron

February 26, 2014


Colonie, NY – Lebron Group LLC President and Chairman of the Hispanic Coalition of New York, Nathan Lebron is currently seeking the Libertarian endorsement for Governor of New York. Mr. Lebron is working with Libertarian party leaders and will address the Capital District Libertarian Party on Tuesday, March 11th at 417 River Street Troy, NY 12180 (Browns Brewing) at 6:30pm. The NYS Libertarian Party will nominate their candidate at their State Convention to be held Saturday, April 26 at the Best Western Hotel, 200 Wolf Rd. in Colonie, NY.

“The major parties in New York State have rendered our democracy dysfunctional; they collude to influence the political process across our great state, disenfranchising millions of voters and citizens. The smaller parties offer no opposition as they align with the traditional parties in exchange for patronage while the voice of the average citizen continues to be ignored. The Libertarian Party of New York is the only party that offers citizens hope to bring fiscal and constitutional discipline to state government.

Governor Cuomo offers a great deal of rhetoric but continues to fail New Yorkers who still pay some of the highest property and school taxes in the nation and are now losing their constitutionally protected freedom through kneejerk legislation like the so-called SAFE Act.

The Governor simply lacks the insight and perspective to present to the people a unifying vision for New York that will create prosperity. The growing calls to split the state into two zones further illustrates the failed leadership of our governor.

New York was once great when it was free. We can be great again if we embrace freedom like we once did. ”

About Nathan Lebron

Mr. Lebron was born in Harlem, NY and grew up in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico and The Bronx.

Having survived childhood cancer, homelessness, and permanent disability, Mr. Lebron put himself through college and received a BA in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Albany. He received a Master degree in Information Technology from Harvard University in 2006.

In 2003, Nathan Lebron created the Lebron-Michelle Scholarship to provide financial assistance to high school graduates at risk of not attending college. He also serves on the boards of directors of a number of Capital District Non-Profits.

He was also the Republican candidate for Mayor of the City of Albany in 2009.

In 2011 Nathan started the Lebron Group LLC, a technology consulting firm and was honored in 2012 when he became Chairman of the Hispanic Coalition of New York.

Mr. Lebron currently resides in Colonie, NY with his wife, Charlotte.