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Did Gillibrand kill Main St.?

After confusing her with Sarah Palin, the elderly black gentleman on Chatham’s main street said she didn’t do much for Columbia County. Despite being one of the few people who have ever debated her publicly, Senator Gillibrand is now a remote political figure to me also. But I don’t blame her for a lack of jobs at the factory. That’s not her job.

Every business person on the quaint Main Streets of Columbia County has created a job, even if it is their own. They take the risk of time and money for their endeavor, often just rolling the free market dice. I respect everyone of them. I do business with them when I can, I don’t envy them, having been there and bought the T-shirt.

The other day one of our candidates was on the big time political show, Hardball. That’s a huge opportunity for any Libertarian candidate. When Chris Matthews asked him the all important question of what “program” he would eliminate, the candidate hit it out of the park with his answer, “war”.

In 2006, Gillibrand won a race against a GOP lout and managed to side step the issue of the wars in her campaign. Over a trillion dollars later and thousands of lives spent, people on Main St. are wondering where all the jobs are. Out the door with Gillibrand’s votes for war.

I only found six signatures on Main St. today. Three of them from earnest elderly black gentlemen. Seven more came from employees outside their nursing home gig, idly smoking and talking about J.C. Penny coupons. While the kids in the car coming home from camp couldn’t understand why I would stop and ask for these folks signatures. I know it’s because war has weakened the country severely and horrible politicians are to blame. I’m against them, always.

I can take a few minutes in the course of the day to fight for people still trying to change that through regular politics. No need for a “movement” sneer against such activity. Somebody has to protest in the big arena, even if they get slaughtered like Nero’s Christians. Libertarians have never sent a generation overseas to fight for any reason.

There was a car blocking the road for no good reason just down from the smoking nurses. This particular Audi owner seemed to be giving the village road worker the business. It had a Gillibrand bumper sticker on it.