Government Disdain for “We the People”

For decades, concerned American citizens (like myself) have been critical of a runaway federal government that increasingly demonstrates a level of disdain for the average, everyday citizen. The evidence has never been more clear or abundant.

I can’t remember when an outright lie, repeated thousands of times by dozens of Democrats, including President Obama can be apologized away by talking heads as, “he needed to be more specific”. I’m talking of course about the ridiculous claims by President Obama, and regurgitated by his followers that ” if you like your plan, you can keep it…period!”

Well, obviously that is not the case and when average everyday citizens (like myself) ask for accountability from my Congresspeople and President, somehow, I’m wasting their time. Worse, my concerns are unwarranted, meaningless or “politically charged” and discredited.

So now we have a “standoff”. On one side, the American people, many who have had their health insurance plans dumped because of Obamacare. On the other side, we have delusional, career, partisan politicians like Pelosi, Schumer and even President Obama himself who simply can’t be bothered with having to explain themselves and the failures of their forced policies to the “common folk”. If you’re lucky enough to get an apology, it usually sounds something like, ” gee…sorry you were too stupid to not understand I was gong to strip your health insurance plan right from underneath your feet so I could force you into my socialized federal system”.

What will you do about it?

Todd Haggerty,
Chairman CDLP

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