The NSA and Grandma.

Today, a federal judge ruled that “maybe” the NSA’s policy of monitoring and collecting hundreds of billions of phone calls, text messages and emails violates the fourth amendment of the Constitution.

I must be a rocket scientist with a minor in brain surgery because I can tell you in two seconds that a secret government surveillance operation in which every American citizen is followed, recorded and documented without a warrant is not only wrong, it’s profoundly unconstitutional!

On one hand, I’m glad tHE federal judge had the minerals to at least start the process to slow the liberty-destroying train that is the NSA. On the other hand, I’m disappointed the judge immediately stayed his decision.

So the NSA can and will continue to trash our civil liberties in the name of national security. Neo-cons will continue to support these policies and uber-lefties will too because they dare not oppose the Messiah.

I guess liberty- loving Libertarians will have to fight this battle alone. No worries, were used to it.

Todd Haggerty
Chairman, CDLP

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