2014 and You

Citizens of New York,

Believe it or not, the NY gubernatorial race is upon us and our current Governor, Andrew Cuomo, with his $34,000,000 campaign war chest is considered the favorite.

Maybe the GOP will announce a candidate, maybe not. My question to you is, why would you consider wasting your vote on either party?

They both work in unison, to advance their agendas and deepen their purses. In years past, many New Yorkers chose a Republican candidate because he or she represented the lesser of two evils. Well guess what happens when you select the lesser of two evils? You wind up with evil.

Do yourself, your family and the great state of New York a service this November, vote for the Libertarian candidate. Use your vote and your voice to break the political, social and economic monopoly.

This November, vote for liberty. Vote for peace and prosperity. Vote for the free market system that made this Republic strong. Vote for your beliefs and your conscience. Vote your heart.

Stand with the Libertarian Party of New York, we stand with you!

Todd G. Haggerty,
Chairman, Capital District Libertarian Party

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