Libertarian Richard Cooper challenges Andrew Cuomo and Republican Unknowns for Governor of New York

Richard Cooper
Westbury, NY: 2/19/14:

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Former State Libertarian Party Chair Richard Cooper declared his candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for governor with the message “Free New Yorkers from the Empire State.” Cooper says New Yorkers deserve a choice of someone who will “Stop wasting money and meddling in their personal lives. Economic freedom and personal freedom go together.”

If he wins 50,000 votes in November, the Libertarians obtain official ballot status for the next four years.

Cooper proposes cutting spending, taxes and borrowing. He advocates abolition of agencies such as the Empire State Development Corporation, which he calls an engine of corporate welfare and eminent domain abuse, which are “evils” Cooper pledges to eliminate. Cooper was a plaintiff in the unsuccessful “Stop The Pork” lawsuit.

Cooper calls for term limits for state and municipal elected officials.

“Common Core should be cancelled,” Cooper says. “The Board of Regents is picked by the legislature voting jointly, which means that they are selected by Speaker Silver. Only a relative few people get to vote on Silver. I advocate gubernatorial appointment of the Board of Regents. The governor is accountable statewide.”

Cooper advocates legalization of marijuana. He rejects Federal interference. “Alcohol prohibition was enacted and repealed by constitutional amendment. Federal marijuana prohibition evaded the constitution.”

Not only does he demand repeal of Cuomo’s NY Safe Act, but he advocates repeal of the Sullivan Law which imposed the discretionary handgun permit system. Failing repeal of the Sullivan Law, Cooper demands a “shall issue” system so that anyone not barred from having a gun may get one.

Cooper is a Westbury resident and is logistics vice president of a Long Island manufacturing firm. He graduated Columbia College with a degree in history and also studied public finance. -30-

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