“Extortion” by Peter Schweizer

Writer Peter Schweizer states that “conventional wisdom hold that Washington is broken because outside special interests bribe politicians.” Certainly that is the message from discussions about the influence of money in politics, public policy, and government spending both in the press and over the airwaves. However, Mr. Schweizer makes the case that it is the politicians and those he calls the PPC (Permanent Political Class) have become adept at extorting “wealthy individuals and donors into forking over big donations.
Often wonder why legislation takes so long to go through the process starting with its introduction to its final passage or defeat. Schweizer shows how each step of the way, each committee hearing, provides an opportunity to tap the industries and persons that will be effected by whatever action is taken.
The book has plenty of details, with amounts, names, and political connections of Republicans and Democrats alike that have been successful at gaining power and riches for themselves and family; much more than is necessary to make the point, but it a good read that concludes with several recommendations that would place restrictions not on the contributors, but upon the actions of candidates and public officials in soliciting funds,
“Extortion” by Peter Schweizer copyright 2013 is published by Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt Publishing Company

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