Teen Unemployment

Are you a teenager or even a recent graduate who can’t find a job? If you don’t come from a wealthy family or don’t have the grades and money to go to college, you are in a bind for the rest of your life. Why do you suppose that is? While technology has replaced many of the entry level and lower paying jobs that provide the experience and opportunity to move up the economic ladder, mandated minimum wage legislation and mandated benefits as well as numerous regulations have all but eliminated these jobs, encouraged prospective employers to replace people with even more technology, computers and robots with a resulting deeper divide between the well off and the poor and those who soon will be poor. If a politician wishes to gain leverage in controlling the economy for his or her corporate cronies, promoting programs that purport to help the poor has a great deal of appeal.  However, creating a few jobs that they can point to with pride, they ignore the many unseen jobs they have eliminated.  Unless the electorate learns to recognize the wolf within sheep’s clothing, low paying jobs will be replaced by no jobs.  Young folks: register to vote and Vote Libertarian.


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