44th State Senate Candidate Chris Davis Addresses Local Libertarians

Chris Davis, a candidate for NY State Senate spoke at the CDLP meeting in Troy on July 14th and has sent us the following:

My goal has been, and always will be, to spread the message of Liberty. Those who discover Liberty for themselves will never again see government the same again. I touched on many issues in my talk, but none is more important than knowing somebody is running committed to fighting oppressive taxation and overregulation, working to end crony capitalism and corporatism, fighting to keep the government out of every facet of life with which they have penetrated. I hope that I convinced you that I am this somebody. While my ideas are not perfect, I know the best way to ensure a chance for our future is by starting to slowly reverse course. Getting items passed that puts power back into our hands, and takes it from the government. However, I can’t do it alone. I need your help. Please consider helping me in this fight. Like us on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/DavisForNYS, and visit the website, http://www.davisfornys.com.¬† Also, Please¬†consider donating to help support advertising the concept of Liberty. Thank you so very much for welcoming me to speak at your monthly meeting.


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