Discussion Topic: Blunt Talk to and About Gays

Frank Kappel of Hudson New York attended our most recent meeting of the Capital District Libertarian Party and submitted several essays of which the following is one. He also participated in our discussion on abortion and hopefully will attend additional meetings and participate in discussions on several topics. Visit our Capital District Libertarian Party Meetup site for information pertaining to our monthly meetings and discussions. Bill McMillen

Some Blunt Talk to and About Gays
By Frank H. Kappel

Gays are no longer imprisoned or put to death for their homosexuality, and relatively few dispute that this is a good thing.

Gays’ quest for equal rights has put them on a similar footing as other minorities in obtaining special protection from discrimination in employment, housing and who knows what else, and those who doubt the wisdom of this, usually do so on the grounds that extra special treatment of anybody, except in certain specific circumstances, is itself discriminatory, unjust and destructive of others rights to freedom of association and contracture. For the record, I believe these objections have at least prima facie merit.

In some instances, Gays have been permitted to adopt children, and, while this may not be the ideal biological scenario, if the Gays in question are more qualified than the heterosexuals available, or if not enough qualified heterosexuals are available, this circumstance is not only acceptable, but fortuitous.

Gays, by decision of the Supreme Court, now have the right to enter into matrimony anywhere in the United States, and whether this is right or wrong, it opens up a can of worms fraught with potential problems and the likelihood of injustice to certain religious people and violation of their rights. Had Gays contented themselves with the establishment of civil unions with equal legal standing to matrimony, the potential trouble might have been averted.

Does anyone doubt that Gay hubris could soon result in Kangaroo Courts fining or imprisoning priests, pastors, rabbis or imams who refuse to honor a valid civil license and sanctify a union they sincerely believe to be unholy? Or that challenges to tax exemptions for religious institutions, who stand on principle, will be brought?

The word matrimony etymologically excludes same sex unions, and religious institutions are on firm logical grounds in accepting only the literal definition, but do you think that will matter to a power hungry government or vengeful Gays? The newest civil rights movement will be civil disobedience against those who would dictate to God, Himself.

Furthermore, regardless of whether Gays are hard wired into their homosexuality, or environmentally channeled into it, there certainly should be no shame in it, but, what, specifically, do Gays have to be so particularly proud about to chauvinistically prance about in a parade? Now, some people would be fruitcakes whether they were Gay or straight, but certain obnoxious, ostentatious prurient displays are clearly meant to offend and cause revulsion, and only serve to perpetuate stereotypes to the detriment of all Gays.

To be fair, Irish and non-Irish yearly perpetuate stereotypes of Irish drunkenness with massive displays of overindulgence, but, what, if anything justifies bad form or ill manners by anyone?

Getting back to the subject of hard wiring, have Gays even considered, that at least some straights are hard wired to be revolted by homosexual behavior as a biological safeguard? Surely they’ve witnessed some Gays be revolted by passionate heterosexual behavior.
One of the supposed proofs of hard wiring is the existence of homosexual behavior in some lower animals, but do Gays really want to take that route? The behavior in question is almost universally, or, perhaps, universally among males who have lost their battles for either status or territory necessary to mate with females. In other words, homosexual gratification is Nature’s booby prize for losers.

However, we are not lower animals and can comprehend that Gays can and do make significant, even monumental, contributions to the advancement of our species without actually propagating it, but equal entitlement to rights does not translate into equal merit. As with all categories of people, merit is determined by individual accomplishment, not membership in a category, and as a category homosexuality is biologically and evolutionally less meritorious than heterosexuality. It just is.

As for the claim that Gays are intrinsically more sensitive and intelligent, I assert that the empirical evidence shows they tend, as a general rule, to be just as insensitive and dumb as the general population of straights, and I have no doubt, that, should truly scientific studies be wasted on this issue, I will be validated.

Finally, regarding the assertion, that the highly sophisticated societies of ancient Greece and Rome were wantonly homosexual, I counter argue, that the actual evidence suggests, rather, that there was widespread bisexuality or, that, even secretly strictly homosexual Greeks and Romans regarded it as a duty to produce offspring.

Any questions?

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