What is Aleppo

Never heard of it. What about Fuller Park? That is by some accounts the highest crime neighborhood in Chicago. What about Tamir Rice. Maybe the name is familiar but which police shooting was he the victim of?

Aleppo? Well Gary should have recognized it, but the question came out the blue – no one was talking about foreign policy, much less Syria. And once this was clarified, Gary Johnson addressed the issue of what to do about the much larger question of Syria, and the even much larger question of interventionism and regime change.

Gary Johnson is focused on the larger problems of what led to Aleppo and how we can avoid repeating the mistakes that contributed to the environment that led to the humanitarian crisis. Is it the epicenter of residents no longer living with shelter, food, or hospital care or is just one of the many places within Syria from which we are getting reports. Fuller Park is but one neighborhood of many crime infested areas of Chicago and of other cities throughout the country. Tamir Rice, a 12 year old boy shot in Cleveland two years ago is but one of the many black lives lost as a result of police shootings.

Gary Johnson can talk about aspects of crime that the other candidates will not and he recently acknowledged that he had no idea of the institutional racism that preys on black residents with repeated stops whether on the streets of New York or in the towns around Ferguson, Missouri should one be fortunate to find a job and be driving to work through those towns.

Aleppo? – a acronym for something, or perhaps a new app or the latest startup company. When the question comes out of the blue, to look puzzled does not make one unfit for the Presidency. The campaign should use every opportunity to turn this to its advantage and challenge commentators and websites site that attempt to negatively exploit it.

Aleppo is a problem the result of which is the policies that Gary Johnson understands well and of which the American public should want changed.

The above talking points or similar ones should be used to make this momentary lapse an opportunity.

William P. McMillen
Delmar, New York

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