Robert G. Porter for Albany City Council 9th Ward

Robert Porter graduated from Guilderland Central High School in 1984. 2 years later he joined the United States Marines gaining training and experience in Criminal Investigation, Police work, survival and lifesaving skills, drug and substance abuse counseling and did a combat tour in Iraq during 2006-2007.

When he joined the Marines in 1986, he recalled Albany as a vibrant city full of business and life, but upon returning in 2010, he saw many parts of this once vibrant city boarded up and abandoned. His immediate political goal is to revitalize the City befitting the title of “Capital of New York State.”
To accomplish this, He wants to reduce the over $12 million budget shortfall, in part by pressing New York State to acknowledge the amount of property that it holds exempt from taxes and to compensate the city adequately.
Citing “Urban Blight” he wants to provide families with more incentives to avoid foreclosures and make it easier for foreclosed properties to be purchased and returned to the tax rolls.

Robert believes that no city or municipality is secure without continuing emphasis on efficient management, the balancing of both long term and short term budgets, reducing unnecessary expenditures and departments and warns that Albany, like any municipality that fails to do so, could face the same fate as Detroit.

Since his honorable discharge after over 21 years of service with the US Marines, Bob has been active in many community organizations doing charitable work including work with Habitat for Humanity, Veterans activities and services for children including Ronald McDonald House.

He is also an enthusiastic cyclist and as a member of the NRA, is involved in instruction in the proper use of firearms.

He has shared his experiences in articles and interviews with several publications related to cycling and the military.
He will be on the ballot this November 5th on the Republican, Conservative as well as the Libertarian line.

Mr. Porter has shown a genuine concern for his community and the City of Albany, it people and their needs. His training, knowledge and participation has earned him the endorsement of the Capital District Libertarian Party and we believe he should be the preferred choice of voters in Albany’s 9th Ward regardless of their political affiliation.

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