Election Results

Now that all the local election results are posted, the winners and losers officially declared, let’s review the good and bad.

Let me start by saying I am very proud of my friend Robert “Bar” Porter, he ran a spirited and well organized campaign, unfortunately the political machine in Albany was too much for us to overcome. That being said, Robert fell short in his bid for Albany’s City Council in the 9th Ward.

However, I congratulate him on securing 17% of the votes for that ward, one of the highest performing races for a Libertarian candidate in NYS!
Robert’s message of lower taxes and limited government resonated with many voters.

Running for office is very difficult and becoming ever more so. With each passing Legislative Session, more election laws are added. Many of these laws exclude third party candidates and so-called “citizen legislators” from participating in our Constitutional Republic. We need less career politicians and more citizen legislators.

Who will you support?

Todd Haggerty,
Chairman CDLP

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