Membership Renewals & Donations

Whether you are joining our group for the first time, renewing your dues or donating, we greatly appreciate your contributions and sincerely thank you.

To join the CDLP or renew your annual dues, thank you and please use the following link. The annual CDLP membership is $15. New members always welcome!

As America’s fastest growing third party, we are always in need of contributions, both financial and other. The Libertarian Party is largely a volunteer force, we are very thankful to all who donate their time and money to help advance liberty to all who seek it. To that end, we make every effort to stretch every dollar as far as possible.

One thought on “Membership Renewals & Donations

  1. Sam

    Happy that I just joined up. After a few years of confusion and trying to figure out where I stood on the political spectrum, I’m happy to have finally realized I am libertarian. Excited to hear about new events coming up!


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