The Capital District Libertarian Party is currently engaged in several outreach and recruitment efforts designed to recruit new membership as well as candidates for public office.

The liberty movement has made significant advances in upstate New York, new chapters are drafting their by-laws, libertarian voter enrollment has skyrocketed and more and more citizen legislators continue to run for public office as a Libertarian.

In the coming months, please be on the lookout for our CDLP volunteer outreach group at a local college campus or festival near you. You can take advantage of these efforts by registering to vote as a libertarian or signing up to become a member of our state and local chapters.

There is a great deal of work to be done in the coming year. If you’ve had enough of the status quo and want to get involved, whether it’s petitioning door to door or volunteering at a phone bank or booth, the liberty movement needs you.

Please take that first step, reach out, write an email or call us. Together, we can remind our elected leaders it is they who work for us,not the other way around.


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