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The Libertarian Party’s candidate for Governor, Mr. Larry Sharpe, ran an amazing, high-spirited campaign that spanned the entire state, many times over. Mr. Sharpe met with thousands of New Yorkers during his almost two-year campaign! We are all very thankful and grateful for not just his efforts and sacrifices but also those of his family.

As a result of that hard work, carried out by hundreds of volunteers throughout New York and abroad, almost one-hundred thousand enlightened voters finally decided to take a stand for liberty and voted Libertarian!

After forty years of trying, The Libertarian Party finally has ballot access in the State of New York! Great.

What does that mean? It means first and foremost that Libertarian candidates can run for any office, just like a Democrat pr Republican. It means that the playing field certainly has been leveled, although much work remains. It means that you will be seeing many more candidates running on the Libertarian line. It means that you no longer have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Along those lines…

The Capital District Libertarian Party of New York is the recognized affiliate of the Libertarian Party of New York.  Our mission is to grow a party that supports all aspects of liberty in relation to our current institutions of government.

From Wikipedia;

“The Libertarian Party of New York is an alternative political party in the United States active in the state of New York. It is the recognized affiliate of the national Libertarian Party. The party has been fielding gubernatorial candidates since 1974.

The Libertarian Party of New York is dedicated to the principle that free people have the right to do anything they please, except to initiate force, the threat of force, or fraud, against other persons or their property. Any law that violates this principle should be repealed. The only moral laws are those designed to protect this principle.”

The Capital District Libertarian Party recruits candidates for public office. We help candidates develop libertarian platforms, get ballot access and encourage contributions from our members for such campaigns.

While geographical area includes Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Columbia and parts of Greene County, we encourage members of the Libertarian Party of New York to organize their own county chapters when possible.  Contact one of our officers to find out how.

Please visit our blog, Facebook page and visit our Meetup group in order to find out more about our events, fundraising and political campaigns.

CDLP Bylaws

The CDLP meets every second Tuesday of the month at Brown’s.

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