2016 LPNY Convention

The 2016 Libertarian Party Annual Convention was a great success. Held in the heart of NY’s East Village, attendance was excellent and so was the food. The delegation got off to a rocky start during when several members objected to any new members being¬†credentialed. Cooler heads prevailed however and the convention and Presidential Debate were soon underway.

The following are the results of our State Committee Elections

Chair- Mark Glogowski; mglogowski08@gmail.com

Vice Chair-  Jim Rosenbeck; rsnbk@aol.com

Vice Chair- Brian Waddell; brianwilliamwaddell@gmail.com

Treasurer- Michael Dowden mjd@villageresidents.org

Secretary-Blay Tarnoff; LPNY@eblay.com

At-Large Committee Member- Christian Padgett; libertychrisny@yahoo.com

At-Large Committee Member- Mark Potwora; markwora@gmail.com

At-Large Committee Member- Chris Edes; chrisedes@dynamic-mail.net

At-Large Committee Member- Mike McDermott; msmwizard@aol.com

At-Large Committee Member- Aaron Commey; acommey678@gmail.com