What’s New

Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpes secured almost one hundred thousand votes during the last election. That means that the Libertarian Party of New York now has ballot access in the great State of New York.

Prior to this accomplishment, so called third parties like the Libertarians, had to secure tens of thousands of signatures in order to get their candidates on the ballot with the likes of the Demopulicans…just so folks could choose to vote for them or not. Archaic? Yes. Ridiculously exclusionary? Also, yes.

But no longer will that additional choice be kept from the voters of New York. You see, choice is good. The freedom to choose is what makes this country so great. You can choose from a hundred different kinds of bread or cereal at the grocery store. You can choose a Hyandai, Ford, a bicycle, the bus or you can choose to walk. You can have that red sweater or the blue but now you can also choose the gold, the Libertarian who will be proudly featured on each and every upcoming ballot across NYS.


The search for liberty loving candidates, that’s what’s new. Please consider contacting us if you have been disenfranchised or excluded from the electoral process in the past. Thanks you