Minimum Wage

For much of our history, since the enactment of a national minimum wage; states have seen fit to enact their own minimum wage laws while the federal minimum wage has lagged behind. One rationale for this is that what might be an adequate minimum wage in Mississippi is significantly different than one for New York; reason being these are two different economies with different cost of living and a host of other differences.
Governor Cuomo has recently acknowledged the validity of this approach by proposing a minimum wage in New York City of $11.50 and in the rest of New York State of $10.50.
Applying this same rationale to the rest of New York State would require recognition by the Governor that the cost of living on Long Island and the downstate counties of Westchester and Rockland is more than 60% above that of Buffalo. For that matter, even within New York City, there are diverse economies.
Who benefits from a minimum wage? Contrary to the belief of many people, those persons struggling to find a job, feed and provide shelter for their family are not the beneficiaries of a minimum wage. They are its victims.
The imposition of a minimum wage means that if you are a person with few skills, little or no employment experience and in a market where there is a high level of unemployment, you will not be able to find a job because a prospective employer will not be able to higher you at your marketable value. You will be turned away time after time until you become discouraged and become permanently marginalized, with your only hope of survival limited to looking for handouts, working outside the law (under the table) with minimal if any protections, or resorting to a life of crime.
Not only will you be marginalized, but so might the surrounding communities in which you and numerous others live. When wages in a community drive up the prices that people must pay for goods and services, the unemployed and those on a fixed income have less discretionary income and that effects the entire community.
Suggestions have been made that local governments should be able to set their own minimum wages, but even if that were allowed, it would not address the differences that exist within the counties, towns or villages because it would not take into account the different skill levels of residents within those communities, and as Governor Cuomo has so aptly stated, this could lead to a “chaotic situation.”
And so it would for those who seek control of the economic decisions that personal freedom and a free market provide. To a statist, freedom is chaos.

The Status Quo Squashes Again

The Libertarian Party of New York was pleased to turn in nearly 30,000 signatures this past August to secure its’ statewide slate of candidates on this November’s ballot.  As usual, the LPNY, its membership and supporters worked hard to collect approximately double the necessary amount of signatures as to avoid any “challenges” from the two major parties. The time for challenges had passed and the LPNY was informed by the New York State Board of Elections (NYSBOE) that our statewide slate of candidates (Michael McDermott, Governor; Christopher Edes, Lt. Gov; John Clifton, Comptroller and Carl Person, Attorney General) would be on the November 4th election. Great right? Not so fast, this is NY and the Dempublicrats don’t like competition. As in years past, they will do anything and everything to restrict the electoral process.

Absentee ballots were mailed out this week and voters have reported that the Libertarian line and its’ candidates is being “shared” with the Stop Common Core line and its’ candidate, Rob Astorino.  Governor Cuomo has the Democratic, Working Families, Independence and the “Woman’s Equality” lines, all unshared. Mr. Astorino has the Republican, Conservative and the pathetic “Stop Common Core” line, also all unshared. Even the “Sapient Party” has their own line but somehow the NYSBOE saw fit to attach the Libertarian line with the Republican-funded, anti-Common Core line. My friends, this is about as deceptive as it gets. This is an obvious attempt to confuse voters that will ultimately invalidate many votes for the Libertarians who are seeking permanent ballot access in the State of New York.

Please join me in spreading the news of this injustice and condemning the shameful acts of the NYSBOE. If you want to cast your vote for the Libertarian Party of New York, you MUST fill-in the circle next to the Libertarian candidates’ name ONLY; McDermott, Edes, Clifton and Person. Please don’t fall for the pathetic shenanigans of the DempublicRATS who have worked together to silence the political will of the citizenry by drafting and printing this sham of a ballot.

Please support the ONLY party that seeks to promote liberty to every New Yorker and cast your vote on November 4th for Michael McDermott, Christopher Edes, John Clifton and Carl Person.

In Liberty,

Todd G. Haggerty,

Chair Capital District Libertarian Party



for the first time in four years, the LPNY had followed the election law(s) to the letter in order to secure that ballot line and as usual, the Dempublicrats have shown their true colors and have resorted to fraud in order to suppress tens of thousands of independent voices.

Did Gillibrand kill Main St.?

After confusing her with Sarah Palin, the elderly black gentleman on Chatham’s main street said she didn’t do much for Columbia County. Despite being one of the few people who have ever debated her publicly, Senator Gillibrand is now a remote political figure to me also. But I don’t blame her for a lack of jobs at the factory. That’s not her job.

Every business person on the quaint Main Streets of Columbia County has created a job, even if it is their own. They take the risk of time and money for their endeavor, often just rolling the free market dice. I respect everyone of them. I do business with them when I can, I don’t envy them, having been there and bought the T-shirt.

The other day one of our candidates was on the big time political show, Hardball. That’s a huge opportunity for any Libertarian candidate. When Chris Matthews asked him the all important question of what “program” he would eliminate, the candidate hit it out of the park with his answer, “war”.

In 2006, Gillibrand won a race against a GOP lout and managed to side step the issue of the wars in her campaign. Over a trillion dollars later and thousands of lives spent, people on Main St. are wondering where all the jobs are. Out the door with Gillibrand’s votes for war.

I only found six signatures on Main St. today. Three of them from earnest elderly black gentlemen. Seven more came from employees outside their nursing home gig, idly smoking and talking about J.C. Penny coupons. While the kids in the car coming home from camp couldn’t understand why I would stop and ask for these folks signatures. I know it’s because war has weakened the country severely and horrible politicians are to blame. I’m against them, always.

I can take a few minutes in the course of the day to fight for people still trying to change that through regular politics. No need for a “movement” sneer against such activity. Somebody has to protest in the big arena, even if they get slaughtered like Nero’s Christians. Libertarians have never sent a generation overseas to fight for any reason.

There was a car blocking the road for no good reason just down from the smoking nurses. This particular Audi owner seemed to be giving the village road worker the business. It had a Gillibrand bumper sticker on it.



Werner Hetzner Named CDLP Director of Communications

Werner Hetzner of Cohoes was recently named Communications Director for the Capital District Libertarian Party. A long time activiist and letter writer on issues of liberty and government accountability, Werner was published in the Albany Times Union on June 9th commenting upon what drives legislative voting.

The text of the letter follows:

Your editorial lament about political campaign finance and democracy seemed curiously out of date (“For sale: One government,” May 29). Buying political influence is hardly news. Why the sudden outrage? It’s not just wealthy individuals who buy political influence; unions (teachers, public employees, health care) have consistently paid the most for New York politicians.

Democracy has become a sham. Politically motivated state mandates account for about 90 percent of municipal and school budgets. In other words, county legislators do not get to cut, trim or reduce them in any way, neither can school boards. Why bother to vote when the results have no meaning?

The reality is that votes can be bought and power can be sold. Legislators understand this. Power corrupts. The greater their power to create rights, dispense privileges, contracts and favors, the higher the price such officials command. This is the dynamic that drives “politics as usual” to grant the demands of some at the expense of others.

The people of New York and their local governing bodies have been regulated to bankruptcy and dysfunction by Democrats and Republicans. They need to be liberated.

Werner Hetzner

 director, Capital District Libertarian Party



Government will not solve “Income Inequality”

A recent letter in the Times Union under the heading “Wealthy in Control of Government” by Wally Hughes of Charlton points out that “a poor economy and unemployment has little effect upon the wealth stream” of large companies which have the means to “deal with our increasing bureaucracy.” He continues with the observation that small and mid-sized businesses are “bogged down by exploding paperwork.”
Government regulation and the imposed costs, both direct and indirect resulting from such regulations contribute to the loss of jobs and the marginalization of the poor and middle class significantly contributing to income inequality impacting not only the individuals but the communities in which they reside.
Government is not the last place we should look to address concerns about economic malaise, unemployment and income inequality.  At its best, it is incompetent; and at its worst, it is the agent that stifles competition and limits innovation and opportunity. As Mr. Hughes appropriately asks “Who do you think has the (attention of the) legislators?”

After a very successful Statewide Convention, in which over 100 liberty activists attended, the local LP Chapter (CDLP) will host it’s’ annual Convention.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at Browns Brew in Troy, NY at 6pm.

If you are considering running for local office in 2014 and would like our endorsement, please stop by.

Meet the Libertarian Party Candidates for Governor

There are five announced candidates for the nomination of the Libertarian Party of New York to be Governor of the State of New York, The Convention will be held on Saturday April 26th at the Best Western Hotel, 200 Wolf Road, Albany. It is anticipated that the candidates will be in town and available at a meet and greet on Friday evening at either the hotel or a spot near by which will be posted. The convention is open to all; however only members of the Libertarian Party of New York will participate in the voting.

Chris Edes to Seek Nomination for Governor as a LIbertarian

chris edes

April 17, 2012

Chris Edes to seek nomination for Governor as a Libertarian

Rochester, NY — Chris Edes, a Rochester native and Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate in 2012, is seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for Governor this year.

The Libertarian Party of New York selects its nominees at its State Convention this Saturday, April 26. The gubernatorial nominee will likely be chosen in the late afternoon or evening. There are four other persons seeking the nomination, in what promises to be an interesting contest.

“I believe we can forge a consensus on fiscal policy,” said Edes. “Democrats and Republicans alike support tax breaks for banks and businesses. I propose instead a tax cut for the individual and the consumer. It’s past time for the little guy to catch a break.”

Edes also plans to “bring New York into the 21st Century by adopting a ‘shall issue’ permit system for handguns.”

Chris is widely assumed to be in the running, but had not yet issued a formal press advisory. He has a website at


Tired of Politics As Usual?

Why the Libertarian Party is not, and can not be, Politics As Usual.

The Libertarian Party values the founding principles which have been discarded by the other political parties. The most important of these is that government is to be limited. If laws steal choices for some people and confer privileges and rights on others then it is no longer limited. As Lord Acton warned, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts abslutely.” Exploitation is a form of corruption. Corruption is common in government.

Examples of the Tragedy of the Commons are ubiquitous. So the prevailing myths about lofty concepts like The Public Interst and Accountability to the People can easily be refuted. Schools are good examples of the prevailing myth. Schools are ubiquitous. More than any other government agency, schools are accessible, used and relied on by “the people.” Schools are closer to people, and people are closer to schools than to any other government agency.

Schools make a lie of the popular and prevailing notion about government and democracy — accountability to “the people.”

If local schools are an example of “government of, by and for the people,” then we must accept the notion that people actually want schools that fail to perform honestly and competently.

On the other hand, if “we the people” must pay for a money-pit we obviously don’t want, does that not make us accountable to government?

The Libertarian Party is all about maximizing choices. That is opposite of removing choices.
Libertarians favor choices for everything – school choices as well as abortion choices.
Libertarians will let you pursue happiness as you see fit, not as someone else sees fit for you.
Libertarian legislators will not fill the treasury to buy votes with other people’s money.
Libertarians will not limit, prohibit, or mandate what you do with your money or what you do in your bedroom. Those should be your business and not decided by someone else.
Libertarian government treasuries will be limited so exploitaion and corruption will be limited. That means tragedies will be limed as well.
Libertarian politicians will let people decide for themselves instead of being forced to obey people who have political power and influence.

Werner Hertzog

“Extortion” by Peter Schweizer

Writer Peter Schweizer states that “conventional wisdom hold that Washington is broken because outside special interests bribe politicians.” Certainly that is the message from discussions about the influence of money in politics, public policy, and government spending both in the press and over the airwaves. However, Mr. Schweizer makes the case that it is the politicians and those he calls the PPC (Permanent Political Class) have become adept at extorting “wealthy individuals and donors into forking over big donations.
Often wonder why legislation takes so long to go through the process starting with its introduction to its final passage or defeat. Schweizer shows how each step of the way, each committee hearing, provides an opportunity to tap the industries and persons that will be effected by whatever action is taken.
The book has plenty of details, with amounts, names, and political connections of Republicans and Democrats alike that have been successful at gaining power and riches for themselves and family; much more than is necessary to make the point, but it a good read that concludes with several recommendations that would place restrictions not on the contributors, but upon the actions of candidates and public officials in soliciting funds,
“Extortion” by Peter Schweizer copyright 2013 is published by Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt Publishing Company